New! AGRILED® 3 series

Agrilight introduces an innovative successor to the successful AGRILED® pro series: the AGRILED® 3 series


In recent years, Agrilight has illuminated many dairy farms, goat milk companies and other barn buildings with LED products with its AGRILED® pro series throughout Europe, through a European network of selected dealers. Especially the lifespan, high light output, resistance to the barn climate and the unique control made the AGRILED® pro series an unprecedented success.

Now we present the successor: the AGRILED® 3 series, our third generation of LED luminaires specially developed for use in stables.

Together with our European partners and their end customers (leading European dairy farms), we have developed a series of LED products that cover the entire light requirement in the barn. The AGRILED® 3 series is available in various versions with a light output between 30,300 and 16,800 lumens, with or without DALI technology and in variants with or without red control light.

The variants of the AGRILED® 3 series are:

AGRILED® 3 pro

Intelligent automated lighting system for dairy cattle, among others: scientifically proven 8-9% stimulation of the milk yield at a light level of 150-200 Lux. Optionally available with red control lighting.


Intelligent automated lighting system for dry cattle, separation areas, work lighting and low barns, among other things. Optionally available with red control lighting.

AGRILED® 3 eco

Luminaire for standard on / off switching, without automated control system. Suitable for dry livestock, separation areas, basic work lighting and low barns

Overview of the AGRILED® 3 series range:

Lumen Optional red light DALI Warranty Applicable at
AGRILED® 3 pro 35.600 5 years
AGRILED® 3 19.800 5 years
AGRILED® 3 eco 19.800 3 years


What makes the AGRILED® 3 series unique is it’s compact design, high-quality material choice and production in the Netherlands. This results in a low carbon footprint for the entire production and transport cycle of AGRILED® 3 series. This in comparison to other light solutions that are mostly made in China and that are heavily transported around the world.

  • Produced in own factory
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Use of recyclable raw materials
  • Designed conform EU “Ecodesign Directive”
  • No use of disposable plastics in packaging

Are you curious about the AGRILED® 3 series?
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