Agrilight and the Corona virus

Corona virus update Agrilight

The impact of the Corona virus is now enormous and affects us all. We receive signals from our suppliers that expected delivery times will increase. We try to do everything we can to minimize these consequences for our customers.

Agrilight is keeping stock and produces in our own group production facility in the Netherlands. For this moment we are still able to supply you with most of our led fixtures.

In any case, this means that it is very important to indicate as soon as possible which products you need. This allows us to respond to your needs as best as possible, but also to let you know which (possibly longer) delivery periods apply. The earlier we know this, the better we can respond to this. This is both in your interest as well as in our interest!

Although there is still little concrete information about possible increasing delivery times, we would like to send this signal. It goes without saying that we will keep you well informed of further developments in the coming weeks.

Occupancy of Agrilight is well organized and in line with our national health advice. Together with modern techniques we are able to answer all your questions and our order system works well.

Our production facility is still in production.

We do our utmost to let you experience the least possible inconvenience from this situation, but we also depend on you.

Rest assured, we are more united than ever in this exceptional situation. Take care of yourself and each other.